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We can guide your organization to improved operational performance and results

Our Values


We provide a series of education courses to improve the skills of your workforce


We use standard checklists to determine your current level of operational performance

Keith Launchbury & Associates is dedicated to improving the operational capability of organizations through the practical application of collective intelligence, proven techniques and actual experience.   


Our Mission

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Our Vision

Our Mission is to cut through the fads, gimmicks and red herrings and produce a specific and understandable road map for continuous improvement.

We are dedicated to providing consulting guidance, educational services and state of the art information management tools that provide significant competitive advantage to our clients.

We have been in business since October 1983, and we are committed to the following core values

We work to improve the business environment for all through the provision of high quality professional services

We are socially responsible to local and global communities

We are committed to the principles of equality and integrity, human respect and dignity for all people

We abhor all forms of waste

We are open and honest in all our relationships

We hire smart people and pay them well.